Advisory Councils

Community Education Advisory Council (CEAC)

The Community Education Advisory Council advises and assists the Community Education Department in the fulfillment of the community education mission of providing quality lifelong learning opportunities for all residents.  We are now recruiting new members!  Please see Member application  for further details.

Members of the 2023-2024 Council are:

  • Paula Angell
  • Evangelina Arellano
  • Pastor Jim Bzoskie
  • Chelsee Chapin
  • Megan Koenen
  • Rolf Lalone
  • Sarah McNamara
  • Amy Schaffer
  • Mike Swanson

Early Learning Advisory Council (ELAC)

  • Megan Czeck
  • Vanessa Haltvick
  • Maria Haneberg
  • Katie Olerich

Senior Center Advisory Council

  • Paula Angell
  • Donna Born
  • Joe Brochman
  • Cathy Butzler
  • Dotty Chamberlain
  • Bob Filkins
  • Jean Filkins
  • Dennis Kimmes
  • Ali Plevell
  • Dennis Robinson
  • Diane Smith
  • Wally Tix
  • Deb Wadzinski
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