Advisory Councils


Community Education Advisory Council (CEAC)

The Community Education Advisory Council advises and assists the Community Education Department in the fulfillment of the community education mission of providing quality lifelong learning opportunities for all residents.  We are now recruiting new members!  Please see Member application  for further details.

Members of the 2018-2019 Council are:

  • Melinda Brown
  • Pastor Jim Bzoskie
  • Evangelina Arellano
  • Jaci Hansey
  • Rolf Lalone
  • Sara Lawrence
  • Dave Pemble
  • Bill Spinelli
  • Joann Vaughan

Early Learning Advisory Council (ELAC)

  • Jacki Hansey, Chair
  • Lindsay Graver
  • Vanessa Haltvick
  • Lisa Hurley
  • Amy Buechler
  • Stacy Elling
  • Lindsey Letendre
  • Lisa Ciro
  • Megan Wojcik

Senior Center Advisory Council

  • Joe Brochman
  • Betty Carpenter
  • Gary Davis
  • Bob Filkins
  • Trudi Gores
  • Barb Greenslit
  • Ricky Larson
  • Kris Morris
  • Marcy Sherwood
  • Judy Slink
  • Deb Wadzinski
  • Pam Winge
  • Patti Zwetow