COVID-19 Protocols

We are thrilled to be able to offer some of our in-person classes with some modification this summer. Thank you for your cooperation in the added steps we need to take to be responsible members of our community. If you ever have any questions about Covid-19 plans and the precautions we are taking, please contact Stephanie Becken.

What to expect during your in-person class with Community Ed this summer:

Waivers—every participant needs to have a Covid-19 waiver on file. This waiver will need to be filled out for each class.  Click HERE for a link to the waiver and also note a link will be sent out before your class begins.   Within this waiver are the expectations of participation as well as what participants can expect from their instructors. These MUST be filled out before participation happening at any ISD 200 site.  

Physical Distance—every participant needs to be ready for maintain physical distance from others during program times. There will be reminders and our spaces will look different to accommodate.

Masks are required for all programming due to the Minnesota State mandate. This includes all community education programming. If you are registered for a physical activity (like soccer, tennis, etc), you will still need a mask for times when you are not engaged in activity. This includes indoor and outdoor activities. Please come prepared and work with your children so they are prepared as well.

Drop Off & Pick Up—Every effort will be made to do contactless hand offs. This means parents and other siblings will often be asked to stay in their vehicle and will be asked not to stay for the program. This is to keep as few people congregating as possible. This is where great communication will be important.

Wellness Checks—Part of the waiver will describe the wellness needs in participation. Those wellness needs apply to instructors as well.

Enhanced Cleaning and Hygiene—Expect lots of hand sanitizer and hand washing! Brush up on your handwashing skills. Every time participants meet, the first step is handwashing or using hand sanitizer.

We’re doing our best, so we can be responsible members of our community. This means safeguarding one another’s health and also finding ways to be together and to learn.

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