Kids’ Campus: Kennedy

youth4 Before School - FULL / After School - FULL

Kids’ Campus - Kennedy provides quality before and after school child care for elementary age children who will be in grades K-4 during the school year.

Kids’ Campus is intended to assist parents who are working or attending school and are unable to be home with their children during the day. Children participate in a variety of planned and supervised activities. Our staff allow time for play, study, creative and social growth through the use of art, science, sports, games, books, etc.

Snacks are provided for both AM and PM sessions.

Lead Staff: Brianna Kelly, or 651-480-7257

Assistant Staff:  Norma Hodorff, Shirley Loesch, Manal Kolta

No Availability: Before School - FULL / After School - FULL





Full Days Available for:   
Oct 17-19, Nov 21

Weekly Activity Calendar: 

Sept 4-7

Sept 10-14

Sept 17-21

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