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Registration for Winter/Spring classes opens on December 15th!

Fall ECFE Classes end February 3rd 
Did you miss registration?  It is never too late to join a class!


Baby Talk

Infants birth-12 months & parents          
I’m a new parent, now what? Join other families to visit and play. Time to discover:

  • Your baby’s amazing abilities.
  • Growth and development in the first year.
  • Playtime activities to help your baby learn.
  • Helpful ways to interact, comfort, and encourage your baby.
  • Connections with other new parents

Parents and children do not separate for this class.

Wednesdays 9-10:15 am FEE: FREE
Feb 8-March 8 (5 Sessions)

Wednesdays 9-10:15 am FEE: FREE
March 22-April 26 (5 Sessions)

1s & 2s        

Ages 1-2 years by 9/1/22 & parents

  • Great for older ones and younger twos. 
  • Playful learning experiences to choose from.
  • Time to talk with other parents about a variety of parenting topics.
  • Enjoy a morning with your toddler!

Mondays 8:45-10:15 am FEE: $195*
Feb 6-May 22 (13 Sessions)
This class will include a separating parent time.

3s & 4s  

Ages 3-4 years by 9/1/22 and parents

Between 3 and 4 your child will gain many skills and abilities.  Explore, learn, and play with your child in a variety of activities designed to support early learning development.  Get to know other families with 3 and 4 year olds.  Half-way through class, caregivers will gather in a nearby classroom with the parent educator for discussions on topics related to supporting your child’s growth and development, while children continue playing and learning with our early childhood staff.

Mondays 1:00-2:30 pm FEE: $195*
Feb 6-May 22 (13 Sessions)


Ages Birth-4 years by 9/1/22 and parents

  • Bring one or more children 
  • Join other families in the classroom to experience a variety of early childhood activities
  • Parents will have a separated parenting discussion focused on support topics.

If registering more than one child, please call us for special sibling pricing.

Mondays 10:30-12:00 pm  FEE: $195*
Feb 6-May 22 (13 Sessions)

Fridays 9-10:30 am FEE: $195*
Feb 10-May 26 (13 Sessions)

Open Gym

Birth – age 5 and parents
Looking for ways to use some energy with active playtime?  Come play together in the gym!  Children can run, jump, throw balls and have fun as they work on large motor skills and play with other children and their caregivers. 

Drop In: 10:45-Noon       FEE: $5/child or $10/party of 5+
Tuesdays, Nov. 1-Jan 31 (No open gym Nov 29 and Dec 27) 

Tuesdays, Feb 7-March 28 (No open gym Feb 21 and March 14) 

*Class fees shown are based on the highest income amount.  Families are invited to participate regardless of income.  No family will be turned away due to the inability to pay.


Multi-Child Discount Available!

If you are registering more than one child in a specific class fees are as follows:

  • 100% fee for first child
  • 50% for second child
  • 25% for additional children
ECFE Sliding FEE Scale for Fall 2022
 Level Annual Income Per Class Hour
A $90,000+ $10
B $60,000-$89,999 $9
C $40,000-$59,999 $8
D $20,000-$39,999 $7
E $19,999 and lowerFree
Questions about ECFE?  Call Angie McGinnis at 651-480-7678 or e-mail at
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