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Family trips to Stages Theatre

Stages Trips to learn about our two trips this Fall 2017. Please call to register at 651-480-7670. 


Positive Parenting Series










To learn more about this series, Positive Parenting Discipline Series or call 651-480-7670.


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2017-18 Early Childhood Calendar



 NEW Census Form

All parents need to turn in a census form, for their child, to the school district. This form indicates a record of your child living in our school district. Please turn in the form to Angie McGinnis Early Childhood Coordinator 310 River St. Hastings, MN.  Thank you!




District 200 Early Childhood programs will provide opportunities for families and staff to listen, learn, teach and grow together.

Listen…to what families tell us.

Learn…together about each child and parent’s strengths and needs.

Teach…responsibly with regard to current research, best practices and individual needs.

Grow…together to provide the best possible community of support for families.


What parents say about our programs

“This is a great place for families to meet families, our kids love coming to school.”

“The teachers are great. They really care about the kids.

“My daughter loves preschool and wants to come every day. It’s exciting to watch the growth she has made over the year.”



Our Early Learning programs earned a Parent Aware rating of four out of four possible stars!

By voluntarily becoming rated, our programs are showing that we care enough about early learning to use the best practices for getting children ready for kindergarten. This includes a commitment to the latest training and to daily routines and play spaces that help children learn. It’s great to have this assurance. With non-rated programs, parents do not have the same assurances about the program’s early education quality.

For more information about the Parent Aware Ratings call 888-291-9811 or visit

For more information regarding Early Childhood Programs, contact:

Angie McGinnis
Early Childhood Program Coordinator


Letters from Santa

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