Drivers Education

driverThis Driver’s Education program for youth ages 15+ is the ONLY local Driver’s Education Program taught by experienced Hastings School District teachers Vicki Davis, Nate Neuman and Erik Dietz.  We offer one-on-one, behind-the-wheel sessions allowing for personalized instruction and thorough parent  communication.  No multi-student behind the wheel in our cars!

The classroom portion consists of 30 hours of classroom teaching, plus 6 hours of behind-the-wheel is scheduled following successful completion of the classroom portion. This program is approved by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.

Behind-the-Wheel no shows:  there is a $50 fee payable to Hastings Community Education for any unexcused absence of behind-the-wheel training. This fee must be paid prior to scheduling another session with instructor, who will accept the fee from you. Students are scheduled for behind-the-wheel according to birth date; oldest first.

Parents and students can expect high-quality preparation for the new driver, with emphasis on mastery of material.  Students will take practice tests, including a practice permit test to prepare them for the test at the driver’s exam station.

 The road to your driver’s permit and license begins with Hastings Community Education’s Driver’s Ed!

Here’s what you have to do!

      1. Register TODAY for Driver’s Education online at, enter Driver’s Ed in the search box; visit us at Tilden Community Center, 310 River Street; call 651/480-7670.
      2. Successfully finish the classroom portion of Driver’s Education.
      3. When completed, you will receive your blue card to take with you to the Driver’s Exam Station, 217 Ramsey St., to take your permit test.  You will also need to bring along:
        • a primary identification, such as your birth certificate or passport
        • secondary identification, such as your school ID
        • your Social Security number
      4. After passing your permit test, you will be issued your permit which you need to have prior to starting behind the wheel.
      5. Your Driver’s Education teacher will call to schedule your six hours of 1 on 1 behind the wheel instruction.

We also offer a yearly Parent Education class in May of each year to help parents in their important role of supporting their student in learning to become a safe driver.

  • Spring Session:   Dates are not yet set for Spring 2018, but expect them to be similar to last year (beginning late March 2018) from 5-8 pm WITH a Permit Test date to be scheduled and communicated in class. All held at the Hastings High School, Lecture Hall F253.
  • Summer Session:   Dates are not yet set for Summer 2018, but expect them to be similar to last year (beginning mid June from 2-5 pm WITH a Permit Test to be scheduled. All held at the Hastings High School Lecture Hall F253.

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