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HMS Promise Fellows

The Hastings Middle School Promise Fellows are affiliated with the Minnesota Alliance with Youth, and AmeriCorps. The HMS Promise Fellows work directly with students in grades 6th through 8th regarding need in the following areas: attendance, academics, and behavior.  Promise Fellows serve a term of one to two years within the organization, and are supported in a collaborative effort by Hastings Middle School, the United Way of Hastings, Hastings Community Education, and the YMCA of Hastings.

5 Promises of the HMS Promise Fellows

To learn more about the Promise Fellows and the work they do, please contact our Enrichment & Youth Development Coordinator for more information.



HHS Youth Impact Council

YIC – or Youth Impact Council has been previously known as YFPC, or Youth First Planning Council in years past, and is supported by Hastings Community Education, the YMCA of Hastings, and Hastings Parks and Recreation. This club is designed for students in grades 9th through 12th, and focuses on community service and fundraising activities throughout the school year. YIC is the only high school organization that is a student funded scholarship program. Each year, we are able to award a graduating HHS senior with money that has been raised by our students – this is something our students are very proud of! YIC students support many community events including the Hastings Halloween Party, the Hastings Family Service Holiday coin drive, the Sweatheart Dance, Alternative Spring Break, and much more! Students are able to letter in Youth Impact Council – accumulating points affiliated with community and school service.

Projects and activities are brought to the group based on student interest and community requests. This group is a great way to get involved and meet new people!  Interested or have questions?  Contact Amy Schaffer at 651-480-7674.

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