Erin Lee

Welcome to Preschool!

My name is Erin Lee and I live near Randolph with my family. I am married to my husband Jeff, and have 2 kids; an 11th grade boy (Leyton) and a 9th grade girl
(Lynnea). We enjoy spending time together on vacations, spending time with our pets and watching movies.

I have been teaching preschool in Hastings for 18 years, this will be my 19th year, and I have really enjoyed all the years of getting to know kids and watching them learn. It is so exciting to meet new little faces every year, getting to know them and watching them change and grow.
In preschool there is so much to learn! We will learn school rules and routines, and following directions. We will learn how to manage our feelings, while learning to get along with others. We will learn alphabet and number skills, and we will learn how to share and make new friends!

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